About Urban Camping

Urban Camping is an emerging trend and global phenomena, more and more people and families are opting to spend a night or two, outdoors in the urban environment. There are various reasons that people would choose urban camping, save travel time, save money by combining with a city break and of course for the unique experience that urban camping provides. Urban Camping does not necessarily involve a tent, sleeping bag or other equipment, however Million Stars, the leader in urban camping UK, does provide all the equipment that you need for a safe and comfortable stay at one of our secret pop up camp sites

Million Stars provides a unique urban camping experience delivered at secret locations, around the North West. Urban camping also enables our guests access to some of the amenities that urban ‘city’ locations has to offer. Million Stars brings the activities traditionally associated with rural locations to an urban setting for mini camping festivals, consisting of 1-5 nights.

We are camping specialists and deliver themed camps, at weekends, all year around. You can expect a mini festival atmosphere, where possible we’ll have an outdoor BBQ, camp fires and a large communal tepee, large dome ‘circus’ tent or building to access in the evenings or if the weather is a bit rubbish. We also provide everything to make things easier for you, tents, camp beds or self-inflating mats (depending upon group size) all the equipment that you will need PLUS meals and a campfire supper of toasted marshmallows, chunky toast and hot chocolate!

We really do cater for all needs, weekends feature our adult only or family urban camps and during the week we deliver outdoor education, combined with the Million Stars secret formula, to some of the most deprived communities and schools in the UK. Million Stars enables us to address social need in urban areas where there is a lack of opportunity to positively engage with the natural environment.

A star is born...a MILLION STARS


Million Stars is part of Bang the Drum (Environmental Solutions) CIC, a not for profit, environmentally focused social enterprise, conducting business for community benefit and not for personal advantage. Bang the Drum aims to address social need in urban areas where there is a lack of opportunity to positively engage with nature. We support disengaged young people and families to develop respect for, and knowledge of, their local environment. Profits are reinvested to deliver outdoor education programmes in areas of high deprivation, using the environment as a way to tackle social need.

Bang the Drum’s mission is ‘to change the way the environment is perceived’ and is led by Social Entrepreneur Julie Anne Parker.

We'll achieve this by ensuring that our values underpin the way that we operate and these are;

  • Learning - We will promote the opportunity to learn at every opportunity
  • Connection - We will connect people to each other and the environment
  • Achievement - We will help our guests to achieve; new skills, new experiences, accomplishing tasks and overcoming fears
  • Innovation - we will be innovative in our approach and will actively seek ways to be leaders within the sector and inspire innovation in others


Gerald Shutt (Ged) is Million Stars lead strategic partner and founder of The Wild Air.

'The Wildair is an Outdoor Education Company. We specialise in outdoor education, our wide range of outdoor activities including, bushcraft, survival, campcraft, map-reading, navigation and forest schools.

Ged is a qualified teacher with over 15 years’ experience in schools and colleges in some of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. Ged can ensure that guests of Million Stars will develop new skills, overcome fears and learn about the environment around you. Most importantly of all, you’ll have opportunity to learn about yourself and face your fears (eating bugs anyone?). The perceived limitations of yourself and others, will be challenged and stretched, developing your self-esteem and confidence. All outdoors in The Wildair with Million Stars Urban Camping